OUR History

CATALYSE® was founded in 2003 to provide strategic planning and research services. 

We partner with state and local government, corporations and organisations to develop and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs), provide balanced scorecards, conduct research and write strategic plans that build organisation and community value. 

Our specialty services, MARKYT and CULTYR assist decision makers to assess, map and respond to stakeholders’ priorities, informing choices about the allocation of scarce resources to maximise social, economic and environmental value. 

We support decision makers across a broad range of disciplines, including leadership and governance, employee engagement, customer engagement, brand management, marketing and communications, intellectual property, town planning, safety, roads, transport and accessibility, health, art, culture and heritage, community development, economic development, environmental management, and more. 


We exist to build community and organisation value. We gather market evidence that is based on scientific thought and academic theory, and blend observations and insight with knowledge and experience (our own, our clients’ and their key stakeholders) to generate solutions that lead to stronger community and organisation performance. 

On behalf of our clients, we work with internal and external stakeholders, including political leaders, boards, executives, staff, customers and communities. 


We believe in the power of working together to achieve greatness.  Through our benchmarking services, we will enable organisations and communities to learn from each other to continuously improve and create pathways to success.


Ultimately, CATALYSE® is about creating value


We are a team of hard working individuals who are driven to strengthen communities and organisations; to make a positive difference in our world.  We enjoy success and strive to create winners.

Analytical and intellectual in nature, we like going beyond to discover the unknown.  We are always in the pursuit of truth and understanding. 

We are contemporary thinkers who draw on academic wisdom and real world experiences to challenge convention, creating fresh, new ideas. 

Being motivators and enablers, we don’t let barriers stop us or our customers.   We think creatively to overcome problems and provide solutions. 




Aspire – dreams and aspirations open up a world of possibilities.  Visions and goals keep us motivated and focused, and provide us with a way of measuring and celebrating our progress and success.  

Passion – our culture may be described as full hearted.  We do everything to the best of our abilities with care, pride and passion.  

Enable – we provide organisations and individuals with the means and opportunities to set and achieve their goals and aspirations.  We help develop pathways to success. 

Truth – we value integrity and authenticity. We are always in search of the truth; seeking to explain reality and support decisions with sound market evidence. 


We aim for people to feel secure and confident with our systems and the quality and validity of information and advice we are providing. When people entrust us with their individual and personal views, they are assured that we will protect their privacy while respecting, valuing and fairly representing their ideas.  


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is close to our hearts. 

We have contributed over $500,000 in funding and pro-bono services for health, culture and recreation.

We have proudly supported Telethon, Cystic Fibrosis WA, Children's Hospice Association (Hannah's House), UWA Rugby Club, Perth Festival, WASO, Black Swan State Theatre Company, WA Opera, WA Ballet, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, Strut Dance, Herasphere and more. CATALYSE was a Major Sponsor of the Perth International Arts Festival for 13 years.


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